Do You Wash Your Underwear in a Right Way?

Personal clothes contact with private parts of us every day, and everyone has their own ways to wash them. Then, are your ways really correct? This article will help you solves these essential problems in your daily life.

1. Is it the best way for you to wash men underwear by hands?  According to the experts, underwear would be much cleaner by hand washing indeed. However, the only disadvantage of hand washing is that cleanser often can’t be washed totally and can’t be wrung completely after washing. Actually, you can just remember one simple principle, wash it clean. As for how to wash that with which kind of cleanser, it doesn’t matter indeed.


2. How to choose cleanser?  Cleanser that can foam can damage protein. As for the blood stained in physiological period, you can wash it by cold water if you see that in time. Otherwise, you can drop disinfectant water that used to clean wound on that.


3. If you live in the apartment that sunshine can’t expose to your house, ultraviolet rays will be the best natural disinfection system. However, the best way must be exposing them under strong sunshine if condition permits. If you can’t, you should deal it with high temperature by irons, dryers and so on. And remember not to put it in the bathroom.


4. Attars, javelle water and boiling water can sterilize effectively? Attars really have some unique function, however, just fragrance. Javelle water can not only sterilize, but also remove stains. However, it has strong irritants and you should pay attention to stains. If you want to wash it clean totally, you can boil it in water for 15 minutes.


5. Protective pads and disposable underwear is the cleanest choice. However, they are healthy for you to use every day except that you have needs in them since the protective pads are not breathable and you don’t know whether they are safe or not about its material, making process and functions indeed.

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