July 17, 2018

Choosing the right sports bra

Running, jumping, with each exercise step, your breasts not only move side to side but up and down and in and out. Breast are made of soft tissue, therefore permanent stretching can cause the breasts to droop. A good sports bra cuts down on movement, gives supports and comfort while we pursue our fitness goals.

Your breast defense is a good offense!

Maximize your lift with these tips:

1. Compression vs encapsulation

For smaller cup sizes (A and B) or for low-to-moderate-impact workouts choose compression or shelf bra style.

Jockey Printed Stripe Cross Back Sports Bra

Sports bras with individual cups / encapsulation are better for larger-breasted women as weight is evenly distributed.










2. Fabrication

Moisture-wicking fabrics draws moisture away from the body, keeping you comfortable while exercising.

Jockey Ladies Printed Bra











3. Straps

Larger breast women should look for bras with wide shoulder straps, preferably padded. Padded straps provide comfort while wide straps distribute the weight better.  Racerback straps anchor the bra closer to the body also providing more support.

Jockey Cotton Stretch Racerback Bra

All in all, your bra should fit snugly, slightly tighter than a regular bra, but still allow you to comfortably take a deep breath.
Now you can work out with confidence!
March 17, 2016

Can You be Allergic to Your Underwear?

Men who suffer from allergies such as eczema often develop a “contact” rash if their pants have elastic in the waistband, says Dr Friedmann, a consultant dermatologist at the Whittington Hospital and the Harley Street Dermatology Clinic, in London.

Blame it on the rubber in the elastic, which many people are allergic to.

“If there is rubber in the waistband and you sweat, then tiny bits of rubber sweat off onto the skin around the waist which can trigger a reaction,” he explains.

The colour of your underwear could, cause problems, too.

The compound PPD, which is used as black dye in poor quality, cheap pants, can cause a contact allergy, says Dr Friedmann. So stick to reputable brands.

Innerstatement Jockey


Why Silk Might not be so Hot

Anywhere where the skin creases is prone to a form of dermatitis known as intertrigo, which leaves skin red and sore. In men, this is more common in the groin – it’s known colloquially as “jock itch” – and is exacerbated by the material in their underwear, says Adam Friedmann.

“Intertrigo is usually caused by a combination of eczema, a slight fungal infection (fungi particularly like warm, moist areas) and an irritant such as sweat – so men who exercise a lot may be prone to it, as too are men generally in the summer.

“To prevent it or reduce its symptoms we always recommend men wear pants made from absorbent materials such as cotton which will soak up sweat and wick it away from the skin.”

Less absorbent materials, such as silk, nylon and Lycra, can make the problem worse, especially if you choose tight, body sculpting pants made with these materials, as they keep the testicles close to the body, adds Christopher Eden, professor of urology at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford.

Because testicles are generally warm and sweaty, they can be a hotbed for fungi as they provide a warm, moist environment.

“You want that part of the anatomy to dry out easily and breathe,” says Professor Eden.

Innerstatement Jockey  


Snug pants may stop aches

Men can experience passing aches and pains in their testicles, though it’s not known exactly why this happens. Indeed Professor Eden describes it as a ‘significant enigma in urology’ which usually disappears just as mysteriously. The problem generally affects men aged 20 to 40.

“Some men experience this regularly, while for others it occurs after ejaculation, or after sitting for a long time while driving, for example,” explains Zaki Almallah, a consultant urologist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and BMI The Priory Hospital, Birmingham.

Wearing tighter underwear may help – although this will be down to the individual, he adds.

It would be best for men with fertility issues to avoid tight pants and choose something looser, such as boxers, to keep the testes cool

“With looser-fitting underpants the testes are less compressed, so in principle this should be less painful, but some men find that tighter underwear is preferable because it reduces movement, and therefore the impact on the testes – it is a matter of trial and error.”

Men who’ve undergone any type of testicular surgery, such as a vasectomy, are advised to wear snug-fitting pants in the days afterwards to prevent bruising or a hematoma (localised collection of blood), and to help with pain, explains Mr Almallah. The pants have a compression effect, inhibiting swelling and bleeding.

However, men who have epididymitis – inflammation of the epydidimis, the coiled tube at the back of the testicle that stores sperm – can find wearing tight underwear is painful as it can squash the area.

“The condition is generally associated with sexually transmitted infections and urinary infections – men who have inflammation in their testes should see their GP for treatment, but wearing looser pants could be more comfortable,” says Mr Almallah.

Young men with sudden, severe testicular pain should seek emergency medical attention to exclude testicular torsion, when the cord that supplies the testicles with blood becomes twisted.

Innerstatement Jockey Modern Stretch Trunk


What to wear for “rude” veins

Men with varicoceles, a form of varicose veins in the scrotum, may want to think carefully about their pants. Varicoceles – which affect 15% of men – can be symptomless but may cause a dull ache. They are caused by the failure of the valves inside the vein, which causes the blood to pool, stretching the walls and enlarging it.

Studies have linked varicoceles to reduced fertility – one study from the World Health Organisation involving more than 9,000 men showed that varicoceles are commonly accompanied by impaired sperm quality.

One fifth of British men don’t change their underwear every day – this raises the risk of fungal infections.

“There are theories that having varicoceles means there is more blood than normal around the testes, making them warmer, so this could affect sperm production and fertility,” explains Mr Almallah.

However, men with varicoceles that cause pain can find snug pants helpful, adds Professor Pacey.

“If they wear boxers and their testicles are hanging down and get knocked, that causes pain and local inflammation. Support from tighter pants reduces that risk. Yet, wearing tighter pants is a double whammy for their fertility risk.”

Innerstatement Hush Puppies Boxer


Do you need support?

Boxers don’t offer much support, but if you aren’t experiencing testicular pain such as from varicoceles, that doesn’t really matter, says Professor Eden.

“Men don’t actually need firm scrotal support for their health. After all, clothes are a relatively modern invention.”

Tight-fitting pants won’t stop the sagging linked to ageing, either. “As we age, the elastin [the stretchy component of skin] decreases, causing wrinkles and saggy skin, and this applies to the scrotum too,” explains Professor Eden. “But supportive underwear won’t change that.”

When it comes to sport, support may be down partly to keeping things under control.

A spokesman from British Athletics says distance runners tend to prefer wearing ‘split shorts’ – shorts with a netted lining, similar to swimming trunks – with no pants underneath, because this gives support and allows the area to breathe, with the comfort of wearing only one garment.

March 17, 2016

11 Reasons Why Men Should Wear Underwear Instead of Going Commando

Isn’t it weird how commando, the word for a soldier trained in doing ambushes, now also means going without underwear? I don’t see the connection. Letting your boys hang loose is nothing like going to battle. But many would disagree. There’s a lot of support for ditching underwear altogether. Here are 11 reasons you should keep wearing underwear instead.


Innerstatement STUD Malmo

1. You’ll less likely suffer from chafing down there

Chafing is a skin irritation that occurs when skin repeatedly rubs against skin or clothes. You’re putting yourself at risk of irritating your boys every time you go commando. The fabric of your pants, jeans, or shorts could be abrasive to your groin. Such clothes aren’t usually designed to be particularly gentle on this sensitive body part, unlike underwear.

As a second layer of clothing, underwear also serve as a barrier between your groin and the potentially irritating material, ensuring your package remains safe.

2. You’ll less likely suffer from crotch rot

Officially called tinea cruris, crotch rot is a skin infection caused by wearing tight or wet clothes. As long as you keep yours clean, wearing underwear reduces your risk of getting crotch rot. Underwear absorb sweat well, unlike pants, jeans, and shorts in general, keeping your boys dry.

Some underwear are made of sweat-wicking fabric (e.g., polyester blends) which absorb and make sweat evaporate easily. Wearing such underwear greatly reduces your risk of getting crotch rot.

Innerstatement Step Up Brief

3. You’ll less likely have particularly embarrassing sweat stains

Seen the meme of how a girl’s sweaty behind made out the Bat Signal? Imagine how embarrassing it would be if something similar happened to you. Wearing underwear will help you avoid it. Apart from absorbing sweat well, underwear act as a second layer of clothing that traps and prevents your sweat from staining your pants, jeans, or shorts.

4. You’ll avoid unwittingly flashing someone

Speaking of embarrassing accidents, how many times have you left your fly open? I guess more than you’d admit. If you always wear underwear, you won’t unwittingly leave Junior exposed if you forget to zip up or if the zipper breaks.

Innerstatement Hush Puppies Brief

5. You won’t have to choose the clothes you wear more carefully than usual

It’s also possible to unwittingly flash someone if you wear potentially revealing bottoms, like cotton pants. Such pants become thin over time. To avoid unwittingly showing more than you’d like, always wear underwear.

6. You’ll make certain other accidents less embarrassing

Clothes become fragile if you keep them for many years. Old clothes could break anytime. How mortifying it will be if your pants suddenly split in public. It won’t be so awful if you were wearing underwear. To be safe, always wear some.

7. You’ll less likely have a visible wet spot

How many times have you tried to shake your willy dry but still have a few drops in your drawers? You might’ve lost count already. There are many ways to avoid having this accident but men still suffer from it. It will get worse with age. To avoid unwittingly staining your front, always wear underwear.

Innerstatement STUD Kameron

8. You’ll less likely have an exposed leak

Junior isn’t your only body part that leaks. So does your derriere. It’s called accidental bowel leakage (ABL). Incontinence, old age, and certain ailments and food cause ABL. The discharge will show if you go commando, so to save yourself from having such a humiliating accident, always wear underwear.

9. You’ll truly be comfortable

Advocates of going commando swear it’s much more comfortable than wearing underwear. But many people say you have to get used to it first, so their claim isn’t entirely true. And given the risks, we don’t think you’ll be completely comfortable even if you get used to it.

Innerstatement STUD Colton Mesh

10. You could look even sexier

Going commando leaves you with nothing but your own devices for seduction if you get lucky. No matter how hot you are, you could offend your partner if you come to the party with no drawers. Some people think it’s creepy.

There are also underwear designed to enhance your goods. An example is bulge-enhancing briefs. You can’t enjoy the benefits of such underwear if you decide to stop wearing underwear.

11. You’ll make foreplay even better

There are also underwear that let you do role-play in the bedroom. An example is underwear for go-go boys. Wearing such underwear will be great for a sultry show for your partner, which is sure to spice things up. Doing away with underwear leaves you with no opportunity to have such fun. How boring is that?

To Wrap Things Up

I’m all for comfort and freedom of expression, but I doubt that going commando is a good way to achieve it. It will only put you at much risk, contradicting its benefits if there are actual benefits at all. Always wearing underwear instead is truly comfortable, safe, and fun, proving there’s no reason to stop.

March 17, 2016

The Best Underwear for Every Activity

The wrong underwear can ruin your workout. Smart athletes—like Cristiano Ronaldo—look for breathable and flexible fabrics so their skivvies won’t cramp their style or performance. Check out our round-up for four styles that get the job done.

Be More Secure

Why: Mesh zones in the crotch and back help release steam; when you move, elastic leg grips keep these cotton-Lycra trunks in place.
When: Training, cycling, yoga

Innerstatement Microfiber Trunk

Rule the Court

Why: The polyester-spandex blend hugs your business and manages your moisture. A pouch keeps your jewels stowed and protected.
When: Tennis, training, running

Jockey Sport Microfiber Active 1990 Boxer Trunk

Breath Easy

Why: Made of extra-thin microfiber, these feel more like a second skin than boxer briefs. Various ventilation zones keep your boys cool.
When: Training, running, spinning

Seamless Soft Touch Trunk

Stick it to Sweat

Why: Cotton is great for work, not so great for hot yoga. This polyester-rayon-spandex blend quickly wicks away sweat so you can stay focused.
When: Yoga, Pilates, training

Jockey Sport Microfiber Active 1990 Trunk


March 17, 2016

Do You Wash Your Underwear in a Right Way?

Personal clothes contact with private parts of us every day, and everyone has their own ways to wash them. Then, are your ways really correct? This article will help you solves these essential problems in your daily life.

1. Is it the best way for you to wash men underwear by hands?  According to the experts, underwear would be much cleaner by hand washing indeed. However, the only disadvantage of hand washing is that cleanser often can’t be washed totally and can’t be wrung completely after washing. Actually, you can just remember one simple principle, wash it clean. As for how to wash that with which kind of cleanser, it doesn’t matter indeed.


2. How to choose cleanser?  Cleanser that can foam can damage protein. As for the blood stained in physiological period, you can wash it by cold water if you see that in time. Otherwise, you can drop disinfectant water that used to clean wound on that.


3. If you live in the apartment that sunshine can’t expose to your house, ultraviolet rays will be the best natural disinfection system. However, the best way must be exposing them under strong sunshine if condition permits. If you can’t, you should deal it with high temperature by irons, dryers and so on. And remember not to put it in the bathroom.


4. Attars, javelle water and boiling water can sterilize effectively? Attars really have some unique function, however, just fragrance. Javelle water can not only sterilize, but also remove stains. However, it has strong irritants and you should pay attention to stains. If you want to wash it clean totally, you can boil it in water for 15 minutes.


5. Protective pads and disposable underwear is the cleanest choice. However, they are healthy for you to use every day except that you have needs in them since the protective pads are not breathable and you don’t know whether they are safe or not about its material, making process and functions indeed.

Kindly Reminder: just share this article with female around you. Let’s care ourselves more together!

March 17, 2016

What Kind of Underwear Should You Be Wearing?

Like most boys, I first wore tiny, colorful briefs. I have no idea why we invariably start our children in tight drawers, especially since up to a certain age male underwear isn’t especially necessary, except to prevent skid marks on pants. We’re just trying to establish an understanding that one day you will need to wear something here, so you might as well get used to the idea, kid.

Innerstatement Jockey 3 Pack American Briefs

Then comes college. That’s when I became concerned with how underwear looks more than anything else, because I had hopes that women other than my mom might see it. I started wearing boxers because they were “cooler” than briefs, which is asinine when you think about it. I am rarely seen in public in my underwear. I invariably present myself either fully clothed or buck naked, but I suppose in those few transitional seconds, boxers are more aesthetically pleasing than briefs. Young men don’t really need underwear structurally, but they do often require physical props to help them tell the world who they are and wish to be. Boxers are the perfect underwear for men who still worry about what other people think of them.

Innerstatement Hush Puppies Step Up Boxers

Middle age and gravity take care of such petty concerns. I’ve written in these pages before about my most singular familial trait: a scrotum that looks like lemons dropped into an old plastic shopping bag. I knew my years in boxers were numbered after a couple of memorable camel-toe incidents—there’s nothing like seeing the horrified look on someone’s face and then following their stare down to your crotch—and that final day of reckoning, when my balls fell out of my pants on busy Elgin Street in downtown Ottawa. It wasn’t the wide eyes that tipped me off; it was the breeze. Those were the winds of change.

Innerstatement Hush Puppies Bamboo Boxer Briefs

I had been skeptical about boxer briefs, which seemed to me like the suburbs of underwear, offering every possible inconvenience. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Boxer briefs do everything underwear should do; they are the height of our undergarment civilization. They’re immensely practical, offering support as well as protection from old-man concerns, like thigh chafe, and keeping the front of your suit from looking like a billiards-table pocket. And they offer the relative attractiveness of boxers without the bunching up or any of their goofy smiley-face “personality.” A pair of black boxer briefs makes the middle foot of my body look like the knot in a bow tie: It’s the illusion of precision and control, the anchor that, however tenuously, keeps everything else about me from falling apart.

March 17, 2016

What His Underwear Says about Him

Innerstatement Hush Puppies Briefs



Unless they are whitey-tighties, briefs are usually considered the sexiest type of men’s underwear. Briefs hug the waist, accentuate the upper thigh, and increase the front-bulge. Popular brands include: Calvin Klein, 2(x)ist, and Diesel.

Verdict:  Brief-wearers may take too much stock in their appearance and could be superficial. They might make for selfish lovers. Conversely, they probably have good hygiene and will compliment your outfit/ lingerie.

Innerstatement Hush Puppies Discovery Boxers



When I was in high school, boxers were the only thing that the guys in gym wore. Now that I look back, I think it had something to do with the fact that boxers are effectively just another pair of shorts and conceal any bulge (which was important in high school gym class). Boxers are the most uncomfortable things to wear because they bunch up and provide no support.

Verdict: A guy who wears boxers has no direction in life and is stuck in his high school ways. This probably means that he has a high sex-drive and will go on late-night Taco Bell runs for you.

Innerstatement Jockey Boxer Briefs


Boxer Briefs

This is the liger of underwear, the hybrid combination. Boxer briefs provide good support, while allowing for just the right amount of fabric. Boxer briefs aren’t usually sexy – they cover the upper thigh, the waistband is usually more forgiving, and they don’t create the desired hammock effect that briefs do.

Verdict: While a no-name pair of boxer briefs may be a sign of confidence, they might also equal a lack of ambition or drive. This underwear may not be the most passionate-type of underwear, but the wearer is probably more prone to cuddling.


Innerstatement STUD Tyson


Thong/ Jockstrap/ Bikini

Miscellaneous/ exotic underwear is unknown territory for me. I’ve seen it on store shelves and on the internet, but I don’t think I know anyone who wears any of them on a daily basis.

Verdict: The miscellaneous underwear guy might be a little more adventurous in bed or the most inexperienced – yes, this is contradictory, but there is really no way to tell unless you get in bed with them. This underwear is like a grab-bag – you never know what you will get.

January 28, 2016

Guys Must Avoid These Underwear Mistakes

1. Never emulate K-Fed

Sure, he’s the picture of responsible fathering. By comparison. But tank-top undershirts must never be worn in public as a shirt. Period. They may make you feel like a badass, but in reality you look like a jackass.

2. Go Green or Brown

Putting off doing laundry may make you feel eco-friendly, but remember this: the average pair of dirty underwear contains between 1 to 10 and one full gram of feces, according to Dr. Philip Tierno, director of clinical microbiology at New York University and author of The Secret Life of Germs. Dirty trunks can be ridden with germs. Kill them by washing on high heat, 65 to 70 degrees celsius. Whites can be bleached, another great germ-killer.

3. Tuck Your Undershirt into Your Underwear

Classic Urkel move. Seems like it might keep a blousy undershirt under control, but in fact it causes more billowing, not less. For women, there’s nothing less seductive than an undershirt creating a faux belly—except perhaps No. 2 on this list.

4. Wear Tighty Whiteys if You’re Trying to Procreate

Your boys will produce more sperm if they’re hanging free n easy—cooler temps means higher production.

5. Wear Boxers with Fine Wool Pants

Okay, this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule. Some boxers don’t bunch up when you sit down. But some do—experiment and learn. The classic drape of fine wool pants can be ruined by a lumpy clump of unruly boxer fabric. Briefs or boxer briefs are your best bet with dress pants. They’ll hug your butt and present a smooth appearance to the world. Or at least that part of the world that’s looking at your butt.


6. Wear Cotton Underpants While Working Out

Sure, you can do this in a pinch, but really, it shows a amateurish disregard for performance. And suggests a perverse pleasure in that sopping, saggy feel underneath. Urologists tell us we should wear jockstraps (and cups in contact sports), but the reality is most of us rely on the built-in support of fitness and running shorts. If your shorts have no support, go with a technical fabric brief that wicks moisture away from your body. Even bamboo is preferable to cotton, which soaks up the perspiration.


January 28, 2016

What Women Think of Your Underwear

Yes, she’s looking, and yes, she cares.

If men’s underwear could talk to me, this is what I’d like to hear it say: “I’m cotton,” it would say. “I’m clean. I’m subtle. Preferably, I am white or blue. If I have a pattern, it isn’t shamrocks or hearts or teddy bears. I don’t have any affiliations. I wouldn’t rather be fishing. I have no special love for the Fightin’ Illini or co-ed naked lacrosse.

Women’s underwear is supposed to set off body parts to flattering, exciting effect.

Men’s underwear—both T-shirts and underwear—is supposed to keep hairy, sweating parts of your body from touching your clothing. Period.

A woman might like it if you noticed her underwear, but she should only notice yours subliminally, and it should give her confidence that you are an upstanding citizen who knows how to use a washing machine and, when the time comes, a garbage can.

A Few Do’s and Don’ts

Do wear boxers or briefs, or that handsome hybrid, the boxer brief. Boxers are slightly more flattering on your average guy who doesn’t have a 6-pack, but if briefs are more comfortable, that’s fine. Keep in mind that while boxers can age a bit, briefs get old and dingy fast. Replace often. Oh, and if you are going to get the kind with the waistband that says something like BOSS or DIESEL, make sure your muscle tone isn’t saying EMPLOYEE or UNLEADED.



Don’t wear bikini underwear. Yes, the French president is getting it on with a major fox. This is no excuse to let their most unfortunate habits reach our shores. If you find yourself having any fun at all while you’re buying your underwear, you are buying the wrong underwear.

Don’t let me see the white outline of your undershirt beneath your dress shirt. You look like that eighth-grade math teacher who read the sports section at his desk all day. If you’re wearing a white shirt, try not wearing an undershirt. Seriously. This is like the male panty lines!



Do wear tank tops if you are in amazing shape, or if you are from New Jersey and have the gravitas that goes along with that. Otherwise, follow your underwear mantra: plainly styled, subtly patterned, clean.


January 28, 2016

What Colour Your Horoscope Tells You to Wear on Your Socks?

2016 brand spanking new year has just arrived, this is a perfect opportunity to put your best foot forward. Whats more suitable for you to put on a pair of new socks to go with it? We have some simple tips to help you be a stand out gentlemen this year – wear your lucky colour on your socks, based on your horoscope.


Aries – hues of red
Going with hues of red and orange would be ideal this sign. The fire element associated with planet Mars, will work out great with these colors. This year you will see great work-related opportunities.


Coast Sunday – Pink Argyle, RM13.90


Taurus – pink
Ruled by Mercury, this sun sign is all about positivity and change, so what better than color yellow to uplift the spirits.


Coast Sunday – Pink + Colour Block


Gemini – yellow
Ruled by Mercury, this sun sign is all about positivity and change, so what better than color yellow to uplift the spirits.

Coast Sunday – Yellow Diagonal Stripe


Cancer – white, cream
The most sought of star sign, Cancer is all about sophistication. Wearing white or cream to important occasions would initiate positive effect.

Coast Sunday – Navy + White Polka Dots


Leo – purple, burnt orange
This royal star sign is branded for their warmth and fierce approach. Bright and bold is what matches their personality, this year going with burnt orange or purple could bring in good luck.

Coast Sunday – Orange Diagonal Stripe


Virgo – hues of green
As soothing as Earth, this sign has a natural way to get everything under their skin. The rejuvenating power of greens will bring in harmony to all your endeavors.

Coast Sunday – Army Green Camouflage


Libra – lavender and baby blue
The most gentle and generous sun sign, Libra, is a lover of peace and harmony. To avoid, haste decision-making situations, and overdoing things, and bring in calmness, go ahead with baby blues and lavender.


Coast Sunday – Blue Camouflage


Scorpio – blood red, black and maroon
With Mars ruling their stars, the vividness of this star sign can be best triggered with colors like black, maroon, burgundy and blood red. Stay close to these colors to avoid violent confrontations, extreme disharmony and falling under predicaments.

Coast Sunday – Navy Diagonal Stripe


Sagittarius – plum and dark blue
This sign is a go-getter, and what best then plum and dark blue to fetch in good luck and high energy. Being a spiritual sign, their optimism, cheerfulness and approach to achieve happiness is what makes them so trustworthy.

Coast Sunday – Navy + Colour Block


Capricorn – charcoal grey
They are contemplative, and have a reserve of love and are ruled by stern Saturn. Best color to go with this year is earthy- charcoal grey.


Coast Sunday – Grey Stripe


Aquarius – turquoise and aquamarine
This electric sign is symbol of utopian trends and likeness. The new generation colors from the family of blue, is the ideal choice for the upcoming year.

Coast Sunday – Green Argyle


Pisces – sea green and sea blue
The utter sensitive, gentle sign expresses best when it’s within its own family of colors. Mild shades of sea are the best pick to turn this year into an ideal one.

Coast Sunday – Blue Argyle


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