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Choosing the right sports bra

July 17, 2018

Running, jumping, with each exercise step, your breasts not only move side to side but up and down and in and out. Breast are made of soft tissue, therefore permanent stretching can cause the breasts to droop. A good sports bra cuts down on movement, gives supports and comfort while we pursue our fitness goals. Your breast defense is a good offense! Maximize your lift with these tips: 1. Compression vs encapsulation For smaller cup sizes (A and B) or for low-to-moderate-impact workouts choose compression or shelf bra style. Jockey Printed Stripe Cross Back Sports Bra Sports bras with individual cups / encapsulation are better for larger-breasted women as weight is evenly distributed.                ...

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Can You be Allergic to Your Underwear?

March 17, 2016

Men who suffer from allergies such as eczema often develop a “contact” rash if their pants have elastic in the waistband, says Dr Friedmann, a consultant dermatologist at the Whittington Hospital and the Harley Street Dermatology Clinic, in London. Blame it on the rubber in the elastic, which many people are allergic to. “If there is rubber in the waistband and you sweat, then tiny bits of rubber sweat off onto the skin around the waist which can trigger a reaction,” he explains. The colour of your underwear could, cause problems, too. The compound PPD, which is used as black dye in poor quality, cheap pants, can cause a contact allergy, says Dr Friedmann. So stick to reputable brands. Innerstatement...

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